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Teen Muscle Radio - Ep.20 - Alberto Nunez - Considerations for a Contest Prep Athlete

In this weeks episode of Teen Muscle Radio I was lucky enough to be joined by Alberto Nunez - Pro Natural Bodybuilder, Team 3DMJ Coach & an all round awesome guy. We go in depth on what you should initially consider, when deciding whether or not to compete in a Bodybuilding Show. This Podcast will provide immense value to those that are considering their first show, or even if you have competed before, this is still very much worth a listen as Alberto talks a lot of sense from years of Practical Experience in the Natural Bodybuilding world. TOPICS DISCUSSED -

- Background on Alberto.

- Alberto's competitive career.

- Preparations prior to the contest prep.

- Why your Mentality matters a HUGE amount.

- Initial factors to consider when competing as a younger athlete.

- Training considerations for younger athletes.

- Why Diet Breaks are even more important for younger athletes.

- Thinking of the LONG Term Game.

If you have not already - follow Alberto on - Instagram / Snapchat - nunez3dmj - YouTube -


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