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CAIN PICKARD - Online client

"I had very big ambitions to step onto a natural bodybuilding stage and i had been looking for a coach for some time.

I first approached Aj through his social media, which is where I had been following his progress for a while, he was consistently putting out great knowledgeable content and the fact he won the show I wanted to compete in, just made me want to approach him for coaching even more. We then got talking straight away, a phone call, an introduction to his coaching, free Facebook pages and we were set. Our goal was fat loss as well as retaining as muscle as possible. In fact throughout prep I found that Aj's programming had helped me gain a lot of strength within every movement, which I believe a lot of people think they automatically lose when they start dieting. I also believe I had made some serious improvements to my legs.

AJ's help towards my first bodybuilding show was incredible, he knew everything that needed to be done right down to the last details, his knowledge within fitness and bodybuilding is very inspiring. We spoke daily, gained an amazing friendship that I will never forget, memories that will never be lost. He is not just another online coach who wants to take your money, he truly loves what he does and I have never heard of a coach to be so in touch with their clients. In the end we stepped on 2 stages, gaining 3rd in the BNBF teen category out of a strong lineup and amazingly with an extra week of pushing fat loss, I gained 1st place in the NPA under 21 category. The feeling was simply incredible and I couldn’t have got that far without AJs support."

Kelly leyland - online client

"I've actually followed AJ for about a year on social media, watching his journey and soaking up all the knowledge that he posts. I admired his incredible dedication not only to the sport of bodybuilding and his love and passion for it on a personal level but his unrelenting efforts to pass on the knowledge to others to allow them to grow, to help them become the best versions of themselves.

 I first asked if we could chat about his career as a online coach as it's something I'm considering for my own career and he took the time out of his busy day to talk with me which I appreciated more then he'll ever know.

After that I wanted to get more involved with his amazing community that he's built and to learn more from him so it was a no brainer to ask for his coaching services! I had hit a low point in my fitness journey and a needed a fresh set of eyes to guide me in the right direction but I really wasn't expecting what I got.

 He has helped me to find my drive again and to see past the slump I was in. He's given me the encouragement I so desperately needed to push myself past the limits I had set for myself. He has also trusted me to do the right thing and allow more flexibility to make this a maintainable lifestyle. I respect and trust his opinion whole heartedly and I would 100% encourage anyone to do the same. I am excited for the future in this sport and to see my true potential come through with AJ's guidance.... eventually even reaching that big goal of mine to hit that stage and follow in coaches footsteps!

Alberto giovino - personal training client

" Aj is the best personal trainer I have worked with. He is passionate, motivating and takes real care in what he does. This is more than just a job for him, rather his true purpose and that comes across through every step of the training.

He is always available for advice, knows how to get the best out of me and has completely revolutionised my approach to nutrition. Highly recommended."

Melody shand - online client

"I approached AJ after following him on social media (Instagram, YouTube and Facebook) for a while. His mature approach to training and nutrition as well as his impressive strength (those squats!) were really encouraging to me, as well as the way in which he interacted with those showing an interest or asking for advice. 

I am not new to free weight training but felt like I had gotten myself into a rut. No progress was being made – not in my physique, my strength or my attitude and mental wellbeing. I was looking for a coach who would be able to guide me on my first massing/bulking period in order for me to sculpt my body and to become stronger. 

I knew that I would need the guidance, support and encouragement of a coach who I could relate to and one which would complement my attitude whilst still challenging me to progress. 

After speaking to speaking to AJ in a consultation I realised that he was definitely the right person to guide me on my bulk, as gaining weight was something which terrified me. Speaking to him was like chatting to a friend despite having only just met. 

Our discussion was very comprehensive and I hung up feeling excited for what we could achieve. 

Having expressed my concerns about gaining too quickly and physical limitations AJ was able to accommodate my worries and structured a nutrition and training plan which allowed me to gain at an appropriate rate and to target my weak points.  

Since I began my journey with AJ I have experienced a few hiccups but he has always been there as a moral support. 


My physique is improving dramatically and I have never felt quite so confident within my own skin. 

My strength has increased a lot, which was so empowering after being so stagnant for such a long time. 

The biggest change has been in my attitude and outlook. Positivity and optimism as well as the mental fortitude to push myself have been one of the greatest benefits of working with AJ. 

As a coach and as a friend, AJ has imparted so much wisdom, encouragement and support and I honestly would recommend him to anyone."

jordan hunt - online client

Before starting my prep with Made By Morris I was very nervous about asking for help. Within the first two minutes of speaking with Aj he made me feel instantly at ease and comfortable, he's been extremely and supportive every step of the way and has made my training even more rewarding than ever before

jack pe-ad - online client

I met Aj originally at the Underground Gym last year which led us to speak on a regular basis! I first approached Aj for help with my reverse diet out of my show last year! It went extremely well gaining a good amount of weight and really avoided the huge rebound!

We then looked at the potential of competing this year but then realised that taking a year out to make some serious physique improvements would be a better bet to come back and hit the stage the following year! I've developed a extremely close relationship with Aj and would definitely call him one of best friends for sure!

We work together really well which is perfect! It's never just Aj dictating we were closely to come up with things that are going to benefit me the most!

All in all AJ he helped me massively! I've really improved both strength and visual improvements with his help - he is really understanding if I have issues and gets back to me immediately! Will be working with Aj for a very long time (sorry bro😉) but really happy with everything and looking forward to next year :)

aRRAN GOOdall - online client

"I have been training for several years, and started with Made by Morris just over 2 months ago. Since starting I have managed to take my training to a whole new level! AJ is very supportive and knows his stuff. He has helped me in a short space of time to lose weight and tone up. If I have found something difficult AJ has found a way around it.

He is very knowledgeable and friendly in his approach. All in all you can always learn something new, and having a coach there to guide you and keep you motivated is always a bonus. So to sum up highly recommended no matter what your goals are AJ can and will help you."

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