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Contest prep & off season coaching

For the competitor, you will not find a more in depth, monitored & individualised approach to contest prep coaching than you will at Team MBM. 

I take on a very limited number of clients for contest prep each year to build a team, a family & a friendship circle that will hold together throughout the entire process. 

Support, HARD work and simplicity are our core values when looking to take onboard a new member of the team & you will be treated like a champ! 


3 Years of stage experience combined with CONSTANT love for learning has built my coaching ability to this point & I pride myself in the quality of athletes I put on stage.  

If you're looking to compete & want to pour everything into the goal, apply for contest prep coaching by downloading our application form HERE.  

Online physique assessment 

Do you want to hear an in depth analysis of your physique? Grab the online physique assessment from Aj Morris here. 

Suitable for - 

  • Males & Females of any level

  • Competitive or Non Competitive Goals.

  • If you cannot afford coaching, but would like a 'coaches eye'.

Not Suitable For - 

  • This is not coaching. This is an assessment. 

Pricing - £49.99

In the video response Aj will cover 

  • Overall Physique Analysis - What is Aj's Subjective view of your physique? 

  • Weaker body parts & how to programme your training effectively to bring them up. 

  • Your goals and setting realistic short term target points to hit them. 

  • How you can tweak posing to improve your presentation. 

  • Make suggestions for your next move nutrition wise - should you mini cut, should you keep gaining? Get answers today.


Once you have selected order now & paid via PayPal.

Send across the following to

  1. At least 3 Physique Pictures or Video (Relaxed or Posed)

  2. Briefly describe your Training & Nutrition Currently. 

  3. Briefly describe your current goals. 

  4. Let me know whether you've competed before or plan to compete in the near future. 

Once everything is received you will have your video link within 24 hours.

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