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"I want to help as many people as possible, take their physique to the next level."

At the age of 8 I was thrown into a competitive environment - I was racing Karts with the main goal of turning my hobby into a career and becoming a racing driver. 

I got to a World Championship level in Karting before ending my journey due to financial restraints - I desperately wanted to chase a passion where my results wouldn't be reflected by the thickness of my wallet, but more by my unmatchable work ethic.

At 15 I really started to enjoy the weights room - sneaking into the area of the gym before I was old enough to enough to enter! It was something that hooked me from the start. Since getting started with my own training, I was always passionate about helping others along with their journey also, and regularly introduced new friends to the gym, taking them through their first sessions. 

In 2014, only one year after leaving Karting I decided that I needed to set another competitive goal for myself, so I entered my first natural bodybuilding show with the BNBF, placing third and grabbing an invite to the prestigious British Finals - I was hooked on Bodybuilding! 

Since 2014 I have been extremely dedicated towards improving my own physique alongside educating, coaching and inspiring others to do the same. I'm extremely passionate about coaching individuals who want to take their physique to the next level & that has lead me to coaching several natural, drug free bodybuilders. 

My main aim with Made By Morris & Coaching is to impact as many people as possible, reaching, educating & coaching individuals from as young as 16, all the way up to over 50's - if you're wanting to improve your physique, you're in the right place. 


Competitive Portfolio
  • 3rd Place - BNBF Midlands - Teen Class - 2014.

  • British Finalist - BNBF British Finals - Teen Class - 2014.

  • 1st Place - BNBF Midlands - Teen Class - 2015.

  • 6th Place - BNBF British Finals - Teen Class - 2015. 

  • 1st Place - NPA South East - U21 Juniors - 2015. 

  • 3rd Place - UKDFBA British Championships - 2015.

  • 5th Place - NPA British Finals - U21 Juniors - 2015.

  • Level 3 Personal Trainer REPS Certified. 

  • First Aid Qualified. 

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