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Teen Muscle Radio Episode 19 - Jordan Peters - How to Maximise Muscle Building

I was lucky enough to be joined by Jordan Peters - NABBA Professional Bodybuilder, Owner of Trained by JP with his partner Corinne Ingman. We talk about how to absolutely maximise your potential to gain muscle when you initially start training, and how this progresses as you progress as an athlete. We touch on recommendations for training splits, advice on exercise selection, intensity, volume and frequency. Jordan is an absolute fountain of knowledge and there are several quotes that you quite simple NEED to hear. What did I learn?

Younger Trainee's can absolutely reap the benefits of HIGH Frequency, Low Volume, HIGH Intensity Training Protocols.

Even when someone is extremely well muscled, they can still revert BACK to Upper / Lower Splits and make insane progress.

As I thought... the log-book is your best friend. Give it a listen to find out more.


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