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The Ultimate Guide To Upper-Lower Training Splits

What you are getting yourself in for -

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Topic - Upper Lower Splits


What is an Upper Lower Split?

It’s seriously as simple as it sounds. An Upper Lower split is where you split your training into your Upper Body & then your Lower Body. You train your ENTIRE Upper Body in one day, and your ENTIRE Lower Body in another, it’s very different to your traditional ‘Bro Split’ where you will usually see one body part trained per day.


Who should use an Upper Lower Split?

Good Question, and the answer is actually not massively simple. If -

  • You are an intermediate trainee ( 0 - 2 Years Experience_

  • You have never logged or programmed your training.

  • You have never been fully consistent in the gym.

  • You find it hard to get in your 6 bro sessions.

Then the Upper Lower Split is great for you.

Don’t think because you have already used a Push Pull Legs, or Bro Split, that you can’t revert back to the Upper Lower Split, because you definitely can.


Why the Upper / Lower Split? When looking for maximal muscle growth, we have to consider both your overall training volume & your frequency. Studies have shown that an increased training frequency potentially has an superior effect on hypertrophy - therefore we have to consider HOW often can we get in the gym.

We also have to consider, if you are relatively new to training and have a low level of time in the gym, the rate of progression that you can make is absurd, you can literally progress EVERY single session - so getting you in the gym with 2 - 3 opportunities to progress is an absolute must in my opinion, to maximise your potential gains at this stage. Let’s consider this - the issue with training body parts once per week.

  • Your work sets become of a reduced quality as you continue through your bro session, imagine a 2 hour Chest Session - do you really think you are