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My Top 10 Christmas Gifts For A Bodybuilder

What you are getting yourself in for -

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Topic - Christmas Gifts For A Bodybuilder.


We are getting very close to Christmas and this is normally when people start to panic & realise that they have to buy everyone gifts immediately. A lot of you reading this will have ‘Friends that lift’ - Therefore I’ve aimed to come up with some pretty individual, perhaps unheard of, gifts for the bodybuilder. ~ 1 - The Muscle & Strength Pyramids.

This product is something that everyone should have a copy of - if you are a bodybuilder that is wanting to learn MORE about training and nutrition, this is for you. Evidence Based, no b/s E-Books that will have you gaining all the knowledge you NEED to know on training and nutrition for muscle gain or fat loss. Written by Eric Helms & Andrea Valdez, the books comprise of a Training edition and a Nutrition edition, I highly recommend you purchase both, they will cover every angle. Price - $67.00 // £54.00 Available here


2 - Olympic Lifting Shoes.

I recently wrote a Facebook post on whether bodybuilders should wear olympic lifting shoes, you can check that out on my Facebook Page - Made By Morris - Personal Training. If you want greater stability, increased ankle mobility and more confidence with your squatting, you should definitely invest in some Olympic Lifting shoes.

I personally own the Nike Romaleos 2 and I think they are the best shoe going, a bit pricier than the Adidas entry level option but with a slightly firmer heel they are my preferred shoe. Price - (Nike) - £184.99

Price - (Adidas) £84.95

Available Here - (Adidas)

Available Here - (Nike)


3 - Vice Grip T-Shirts

Squatting with chalk?? Making a mess everywhere?

These T-Shirts will sort you out.

They have a rubber grip on the back of the T - Shirt to keep you tucked in on a Bench Press, No slipping of the bar on a Squat and to look super cool in the gym. They are an American Based company but provide their T-Shirts with delivery to the UK. Something very different to give your bodybuilder friend. Price - £29.99 +

Available Here


4 - Nutri-Bullet Blender.

Struggling to get your calories in?? You should definitely start BLENDING! The Nutri-Bullet is probably the most cost effective blender out there and can help you make calorie dense liquid meals or low calorie smoothies and shakes. Price - £55.00 Find it here


5 - Kinovo Bluetooth Headphones. Tangled wires suck, and can mess up your workouts. Grabbing a pair of Wireless headphones was one of my best purchases this year. I highly recommend the Kinovo Headphones, you can take calls, use the built in microphone and adjust volume/tracks by hand. Price - £24.99

Find it here


6 - Bodypower 2017 Tickets -

Bodypower is NOT for everyone….

Lots of guys walking around in stringers and girls in next to nothing… it’s a bit of a ‘cat-walk’ affair - but there is some very exciting stuff going on in 2017. BNBF have their own qualifier there, the biggest natural bodybuilding federation in the UK.

Alongside this, industry leaders will be talking and sharing their knowledge on various stages.

I think it’s definitely worth it. Price - Weekend Tickets from £55 and day tickets from £25. Find them here -


7 - Shore Fitness Clothing -

I’ve been lucky enough to be sent some of the products from Shore Fitness and will confidently say they’ve got the most attention in the gym.

Any “You’re looking big” comments have come when I’ve been wearing a Shore Fitness Item! Check their website out here -


8 - Endeva Pre Workout -

If you struggle to get into the mood to train, or you’re tired after a long shift….

You should definitely look to invest in Endeva Pre-Workout.

Evidence Based ingredients in the correct dosages to give you the best sessions ever. Find it here -

Price - £26.99


9 - Joby Tripod For Smartphones

This has been the best investment I’ve made all year. A Tripod to film footage of my training and help with my YouTube Vlogs. It’s small, compact and convenient.

Highly recommended for anyone wishing to record their workouts!

Price - £16.73

Find it here -


10 - A Whiteboard.

Yes… a whiteboard.


Bodybuilders LOVE structure and routine.

Writing our meals down, our training days, planning out our week is super important, so a whiteboard and some pens is a great gift for any bodybuilder! Price - £20.00 +

Thank you for reading this post, I wish you all a very merry christmas from Made By Morris & will see you in the next blog post! Aj

Find it here -

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