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Episode 38 - Peter Fitschen

We are back for another episode of Teen Muscle Radio, joined by Pro Natural Bodybuilder, Coach for Fit Body Physique & PHD Graduate Peter Fitschen. We discussed everything related to the rate of Bodyweight loss during a contest prep phase.


1:40 - Intro to Peter 8:40 - Determining your starting point for contest prep 15:10 - Issues with Female Competitors 16:50 - Issues with a poor starting point 22:10 - How to plan out a prep for a certain show date 27:40 - WHY do we want to lose weight at a certain rate 31:00 - Losing weight TOO FAST and how to control this 34:40 - Losing weight TOO SLOW and how to combat this 39:30 - Training Volume & Controlling this for maximal muscle retention 42:00 - Regression in Training & Individual differences 46:40 - HIIT vs LISS & Brian Whitacre 48:40 - Being aware of your recovery abilities 49:30 - Dietary Fat Intakes for Contest Prep 52:20 - Ketogenic Dieting 55:10 - How LOW can you take your Protein Intake


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