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Episode 39 - Paul Revelia

This week I was lucky enough to be joined by a guy that I've been looking up to for a long time in the coaching world, Paul Revelia from

Paul is a Pro Natural Bodybuilder and has been involved in the fitness industry for over 20 years. I reached out to Paul so we could have a chat on how he's advanced through the coaching industry and share his thoughts on progressing as a coach, it was a superb chat! Links to Paul's Social Media -

YouTube - Instagram - Website -

TimeStamps for the Episode -

4:00 - How Paul Began Coaching 11:00 - Initial Concerns, keeping his job before going FULL TIME. 14:50 - How did Paul build up his client base from the start. 20:00 - Where Paul get's client from now & how it's changed. 26:00 - What TYPE of clients Paul works with. 30:00 - Dealing with newer clients with Online Coaching. 33:13 - How has the PROCESS for his coaching evolved. 40:10 - How does Paul manage his time? 45:40 - Power of momentum 48:00 - How to find your strengths as a coach. 52:00 - Anecdotal / Experience vs Research Studies. 55:00 - What would Paul tell his 20 yo self?

Thank you for listening guys! Anyone you would like to see on the podcast in the future, let us know!

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